About Best International Sites

At Best International Sites, we hand pick web sites that offer more than one language. This could be a fortune 100 company with a global presence or a freelance graphic designer from Poland with a portfolio in English and Polish. 

Not only do we showcase the best international sites, we also review them and compare them to other industry related web sites. For some sites we include a video review. We look at things such as number of countries, number of languages, global gateway implementation, localization, language/country switching, internationalization design, browser support, mobile readiness, social media accounts and much more.

Our Mission

We aim to find the best international web sites and create the internets biggest collection of well implemented international sites. The detailed review gives insight into best practice as well as shortcomings of web internationalization. 

Who is behind Best International Sites

Bestinternationalsites.com is owned and managed by Florian Auckenthaler from ÜBER International.