Champion System

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Company Overview

Champion System specializes in custom apparel for a wide range of sports including cycling, triathlon, running, casual and more. With offices around the world we are committed to offering high quality products and outstanding customer service.

Web Site Internationalization

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Global Gateway Details

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Type of selector: ... Flag, Country Name in Local

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Type: ... Stand Alone Page

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Language Selection Details

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    no Language switching option inside the localized country pages

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Level of localization: Dedicated Localized Pages, Translation Only

Theme used for localization: Main Site not localized, use international template for localization

Standardization vs Localization: Standardized Content

URL used for localization: TLD, Sub Domain, Subfolder

Sample of localized pages

Champion System Canada
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Champion System China
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Champion System Germany
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Champion System Japan
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Champion System Korea
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Champion System Netherlands
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Champion System Switzerland
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