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Founded in 1992, FOCUS Bikes is a bicycle manufacturer of high end mountain bikes and road bikes, engineered and produced in Germany, for amateur athletes and professionals! Focus sponsored the Ag2r-La Mondiale Team for the 2013 Tour de France and the Acqua & Sapone team for the 2012 edition and they are official co-sponsor for the Tour de Suisse.

Focus is owned by Derby Cycle of Germany, who also own Raleigh Bicycle Company.

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    English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch


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Focus Italy
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Focus France
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Focus Bikes uses the same template for the main German web site and the 8 localized country sites for Spain, Italy, France, USA, Holland, Australia and Great Britain. Each of the country sites uses a subfolder structure on the main .com domain. On the localized country web sites, there is no further language switching available. The clean, modern and simple design lends itself to internationalization. The template works well on mobile devices and tablets. There is a global gateway for easy switching between countries and a cookie is set to remember your last selection. The product line is standardized across all countries. The news section includes localized content, and the German Site links to an ecommerce store. Overall the focus bikes web site does a great job with maintaining brand identity and browsing through the pages is a pleasant experience. 

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