Julius Meinl

Company Overview

Julius Meinl is a coffee roaster and retailer from Vienna, Austria. It is named after it's found Julius Meinl I and Julius Meinl II. The company also operates three coffee shops in the USA. 

From the Julius Meinl Website: 'Julius Meinl is the ambassador of Viennese coffeehouse culture offering inspiring timeouts since 1862.'

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Global Gateway Details

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Type of selector: ... Country Code

Position: ... in footer, right

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Language Selection Details

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    top right

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    English, German, Italian, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovenian


Level of localization: Dedicated Localized Pages

Theme used for localization: Main Site used for localization

Standardization vs Localization: Standardized Content, Standardized Product

URL used for localization: Subfolder

Sample of localized pages

Julius Meinl Italy
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Julius Meinl Serbia
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Julius Meinl USA
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  • Mobile readiness

    Not optimized


Julius Meinl uses the same international template for 10 localized web sites. All localized web sites are available in their native language and can be switched to an english version. Social media Accounts are localized as well. The content and product lines are for the most part standardized. We noticed a few differences in the main slider on the homepage and in the news section. Language switching and country selection happens from the global gateway. The site is not optimized for mobile phones. 

Shortcomings include the non branded Julis Meinl USA web site. It does not use the same international template as the European sites do. It also uses squarespace as the cms instead of typo3 which is more commonly used in Europe. Another potential issue we found is the link used to open the global gateway. Instead of reading 'international / english' or 'global / en' etc, it shows the country code and language for the country which you are currently looking at. So if you are on the German Web site you will see 'DEU/ de'. It's not clear that this is the link to the global gateway. We also recommend to add a icon such as globe or world map. The english language switching inside the localized countries seems to link back to the same international english version. Is there a point to include english as an option in Serbia if it just links back to the same international pages? We are not sure. 

Overall we find the experience pleasing, the design fitting for the brand, and the international implementation well executed with plenty of language and country choices. 

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