Wilier Triestina

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Company Overview

Now based in Rossano, Italy, Wilier is an Italian road bike manufacturer founded in 1906 by Pietro  Dal Molin. Wilier sponsors pro teams such as Smart/Shop and Team Colombia CO.

Web Site Internationalization




  • English
  • English
  • English
  • Italian
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Czech
  • Japanese
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Global Gateway Details

Gateway link: ...

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Type of selector: ... Country Name in Native

Position: ... top, right

Type: ... Cover / Popup

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Language Selection Details

  • Language Switching:

    no Language switching option inside the localized country pages

  • Number of Languages


  • Languages

    English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Czech


Level of localization: Translation Only

Theme used for localization: Main Site used for localization

Standardization vs Localization: Standardized Content

URL used for localization: TLD, Subfolder


the home country template is used for localization which is indicated as a subfolder which shows the language. Example: Germany: http://www.wilier.it/de/ Other country sites which use a separate template are not using subfolder but instead are using a top level domain. Example Japan http://www.wilier.jp/ and Czech Republic http://www.wilier.cz/

Sample of localized pages

Wilier Triestina USA
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Wilier Triestina Czech Republic
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Wilier Triestina Japan
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  • Language Negotiation

  • Geolocation

  • Use of cookies

  • Web Site Framework


  • Mobile readiness

    Not optimized


Wilier Triestina is doing a good job with web site localization. They provide 7 languages and use human translation for their standardized content. The web site feels and looks sleek and modern, just like their products. Not all country web sites follow the main theme. Namely US, Czech Republic and Japan use their own top level domain name and a different theme. The US theme is very similar to the main theme, other than the homepage. It almost feels like the US theme is the original template and a new homepage was added to the international theme. The new homepage does feel slightly disjointed when compared to the inner pages. Have a look:

-> disjointed design between homepage and inner pages

Overall this is a job well done, but I feel that the global brand equity suffers a little bit due to not using the same logo and due to not carrying through the same web site theme for all countries.

-> 5 different logo variations across country web sites

A few small web globalization details could also be improved, for example the use of a 'flag' to indicate the switching of country/language is not appropriate. Would be better to use a world map icon for example.

On a general note, there are quite a few subdomains used for different sections of the web site. This feels a bit overwhelming for the user. blog.wilier.it / shop.wilier.it / mywilier.wilier.it / dealers.wilier.it / puntorosso.wilier.it etc. A more integrated approach for these sections would be beneficial for the user experience.

The product line is standardized, but not all bikes are available in all countries. I assume this is why they use IP address to redirect the user when trying to browse the products. Example, when browsing the german website from the US, the user gets redirected when looking at products on the german web site. 

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